Contact me Michael Roy directly at after browsing the website so I can give you a total price in Canadian - Pricing is based on cash or interac e-transfer, or if you want to use PayPal, 3% will be added to the total to cover their fees on larger purchases. Offers accepted on older used equipment and smaller boards. Many products I would like to move out of inventory so I have already reduced some for closeout while others can be reviewed, so once again, make contact for what you may be interested in and we will go from there. 

Package discounts, where applicable, will be applied when buying multiple items. Total price is always rounded down when dealing with me directly.
For the most part I have applied an exchange rate considerably less than the going rate to the $USD prices equal to about a 10% savings out of the gate.
With the exchange rate considerably higher here in 2020 I have to increase those retails but you can still ask... 

New to windsurfing? Choose from the pictured items below and you have what you need for a complete package.

Board, Sail, Mast, Boom, Mast Base, Mast Extension and Up Haul. After that there are the optional Harness Lines and Harness followed by many other accessories.

Click Here for Product Details! 2020 - The WINDSURFER BRAND BOARD IS BACK - SEVERAL MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM - Prices are in USD$ - Will be bringing in samples soon unless someone orders one right away - Windsurfer is back!The new Windsurfer LT is the new replacement to the original Windsurfer.

Click Here for Product Details! Please send me an email with the items you are interested in at You can use the website to purchase if you like, I still have to enter the sale and information manually in the operating system anyway, but if it needs to be shipped then I will have to follow up with a shipping invoice as well again. Plus with the current exchange rate, many items will have a price adjustment applied as well as the shipping. Please use Interac e-transfer where possible. This item can be used to enter and pay for shipping or products discussed. If you do online banking, please use Interac e-transfer. Each unit is $1.00 and therefore just use the quantity as the total amount. So if shipping is $15.00 enter quantity 15.