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Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 - SAILWORKS GYRO - - Gyro A hardcore wave riding sail cut leaner and softer for radical board riding maneuvers The Gyro is Sailworks’ down-the-line wave model. It’s subtleties in the hands allows a rider to carve a wave or swell in true surf style with the rig de-powered, while offering the necessary juice to punch out through a meaty line-up when you really need it. Compared to the Revolution it has a softer, less wound-up, more front-hand feel which surf style riders will appreciate. The Gyro has a large cross-yarn laminate window for unobstructed 3-point visibility – up, down and behind –when riding. Cut with a high foot angle and lower, cut-off clew, the Gyro lets you ride tighter to the wave and contort your turns and aerials any way you wish. Gyro. It’s a purebred down-the-line wave sail, tuned-in by pro-riders Fiona Wylde and Pascal Hardy for surf style riding.
Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 - SAILWORKS RETRO - Priced in USD$ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - Some sizes not available at the time of this update March 2019 - Retro Our camless freeride sail that’s quick to power up, easy to control and stable over a wide wind range. Since 1998, the Retro has been delivering the ultimate freeride windsurfing experience. Magazine tests, pro riders and weekend rippers from around the world labeled our camless flagship windsurfing sail as legendary. Previous models outclassed the competition, now the 20th anniversary Retro outclasses legendary. Materials research and advancement in production techniques allowed us to lighten the sail by 0.4Kg. This paired with new shaping refinements makes the Retro lighter than ever in your hands. Maneuverability is further enhanced through careful batten tweaks, sail head slimming and an ergonomically improved luff panel. Rigging, rolling and storing the Retro is now faster than ever with improved foot batten placement and a re-tailored luff sleeve.
Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 SAILWORKS REVOLUTION - Priced in USD$ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - Revo An onshore wave riding and hi-wind/bump’n’jump sail with easy handling and a sweet power band A quarter century ago we launched the original Revolution wave sail. It carries the well-earned title as our legacy wave and freestyle sail. Stable, maneuverable and versatile are the hallmarks of Revo’s refined pedigree. No matter if you’re hitting the lip at Ho’okipa, riding the big wind swells at The Wall or busting big, tweaked tricks on the PWA pro tour - the Revo delivers smooth reliable power, always in control. Under the capable guidance of top pro-rider Phil Soltysiak, we’ve applied a collection of subtle, but definitive, outline and shaping adjustments to polish the handling and rig balance. The result is a slashier outline that delivers smooth, crisp handling all with the characteristic Revo stability and power. Packaged up for 2018/2019 with our distinctive "cog" graphic and bold, single-color livery. Solid State Revolution!
Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 SAILWORKS HUCKER - Priced in USD$ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - Hucker A high-tension camless power riding sail for drag racing and aerials Power, acceleration and speed are at the core of windsurfing’s attraction and are the primal hooks that got us windsurfing. This is Hucker windsurfing. It’s go fast, turn hard, jump high, powered riding. It is air surfing the wind flow, with a board at your feet, locked and loaded. The design criteria focuses on power and stability at speed, with a particular emphasis on extended hang-time when airborne. Taller, heavier riders revel in the thick, juicy power-band that lets them run size-for-size with their lightweight buddies. Smaller, lighter riders will dig the power and range they can exploit while riding the smallest sail on the beach. Each size is uniquely badged with its own distinctive graphic. Hucker, there’s no sail like it on or off the water!
Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 SAILWORKS NX - Prices in USD $ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - A full-on cambered racing sail for advanced riders with precision speed, power, control and more speed With our legacy design team, it is no surprise that racing has become instinctual here at Sailworks. Everyday, world-class racers collaborate to create sails they are passionate about. Racing is at the forefront of that passion and the Sailworks team has intuitively designed a unique sail that seems to visualize the finish line all on its own. The NX race sail effortlessly glides with precision and speed. With aerodynamic features, it harmonizes with its surroundings for acute maneuverability and penetrating acceleration. The NX features a higher rig tension, a powerful locked-in draft section, and a free twisting leech profile. It is sleek and lightweight to allow you to incorporate your own distinct style and technique when crossing the finish line. Challenge yourself to be a champion and let the NX do the rest!
Click Here for Product Details! 2018/2019 SAILWORKS RIPPER - Prices in USD$ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - some sizes may not be available. Ripper A kids and school sail for teaching new riders the feel and control of windsurfing State-of-the-art training sails for first time windsurfers and aspiring youth sailors. The Ripper is a scaled down rig with optimized low-load shaping and tension profiles suited for lightweight riders. Tested and proven in the largest windsurfing schools on the continent. Get your family and friends windsurfing today with these beginner and kids windsurfing sails and equipment!
Click Here for Product Details! 2019 - SAILWORKS FLYER - Not Stocked - Special Order Only - Flyer A purpose built 4-batten, twin cam sail optimized for windfoiling Get lifted with the foil specific Flyer. The Sailworks crew is obsessed with foiling and naturally applied Bruce Peterson’s 35 years of sail R&D to create a rig which is at the leading edge of foil sail design. Foiling is so hydro-dynamically efficient that it noticeably reduces the induced-loading effect upon the rig. With a blend of geometric and tension profiles unlike any sail we have ever made before, the FLYER sails are truly unique. Optimized for foiling, the Flyer features low rig tension, a narrow sleeve, four or five battens, and easily rotating twin cams. Foiling gets you windsurfing on days when you couldn’t. We want you to make the most of it. The Flyer 3.9 to 7.0 sails rig easily on our Carbon Twill or Sumo RDM masts that slides easily into the straight luff curve, directly through the cams and settles in the closed top "double-overlap" spectra webbing strap. The 8.2 rigs on our SDM Joystick or Lightstick masts. You can be the last one in the parking lot, but you’ll be the first one flying. We’re stoked to share our foiling experience with you through this high performance, plug & play foil specific rig. Is your foiling package balanced? The key to windfoiling is the correct balancing of all components; foil mast and wing sizes, wing angles, board, footstrap positions, mast track placement and rig balance. Our team of experienced windsurf foilers at Sailworks has not only balanced nearly every combination of foil, board and rig, but they are out testing and tuning different combinations daily. Our expertise is un-matched, and the products we sell are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to provide our customers with the ultimate foiling experience. Call or e-mail us for help creating your balanced foil package to enjoy a plug and play foiling experience: 1-877-639-7245 or
Click Here for Product Details! 2019 SAILWORKS MASTS - Prices Listed in USD$ - Not Stocked, Special Order Only - Please inquire and allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery - Aerospace construction in 100% high-modulus prepreg carbon fiber layup, cured in a high temperature autoclave. The ultimate in lightweight, high reflex response standard diameter racing masts. The Lightstick masts have one of the best reputations in the racing community for years of trouble-free use. Made in Italy. 75% carbon pre-preg standard diameter mast (SDM). Perhaps the best compromise between performance and value. A balanced mix of durability and responsive action make the standard diameter Joystick an excellent freeride mast. Made in Italy. The Carbon Twill RDM, manufactured exclusively for Sailworks by Nolimitz is our high end, high performance reduced diameter mast. It has been developed and targeted to the smaller NX, Retro and Hucker sails for high wind power riding. Constructed from 95% high modulus pre-preg carbon fiber, in a sharp-looking 2x2 carbon twill weave, for lightning fast response and crash-proof durability. The Twill masts are slightly stiffer than the Sumo, or older Backbone RDMs, so they are well suited to heavier and more aggressive riders seeking more rig tension and stability. This is the mast of choice for Dale’s big boosting, monster airs on the Hucker 4.2 and for Bruce’s Gorge Cup championship winning speed on the NX 7.0. Sumo RDM by Nolimitz. Legendary durability and trouble free performance in the most radical conditions. Fully rated for the gnarliest wave sailing situations. The Sumo mast are very similar to the older Sailworks Backbone RDM mast, and they run about 1 point stiffer per size than the Skinny RDM masts. Comes with a FREE Sailworks padded foil mast bag The original Skinny RDM by Nolimitz. Legendary durability for trouble free performance in the most radical conditions. Fully rated for the gnarliest wave sailing situations. The Skinny masts run 1 point softer than the Sumo or older Backbone models and are better suited to lightweight riders. Comes with a FREE Sailworks padded foil mast bag Kids RDM masts by Chinook are all fiberglass masts for use in the Ripper sails. They are extremely durable, but most importantly extra soft, to proportionately tension smaller sails for lighter weight novice riders.