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2018 SAILWORKS SAILS and MASTS - Please allow a couple of weeks delivery unless listed on the Sails In Stock Page.

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Click Here for Product Details! 2015 - SAILWORKS GYRO - PLEASE INQUIRE FOR POSSIBLE SALE PRICING - The Gyro is a hardcore wave riderís sail Ė itís quick and squirty to accelerate, but with very light handling and an auto-depower that always balanced. It has a softer, less wound-up feel than the Revolution that lighter weight riders, and riders wanting a light touch, will appreciate. The Gyro has a large X-ply window for unobstructed 3-point visibility - up, down and behind - when riding. Cut with a high foot angle and lower, cut-off clew, the Gyro lets you ride tighter to the wave with amazing control in aggressive or sliding moves. Gyro. Itís a purebred acrobatic wave sail, tuned-in by pro-rider Pascal Hardy for hard riding in challenging conditions.
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 - SAILWORKS RETRO - View current specifications on Sailworks website - The Retro is the flagship camless freeride sail. It is legendary in the windsurfing world for setting the benchmark for power, performance and durability. The design concept: be simple and intuitive to rig; power up early; be stable through a big wind range; be forgiving to ride over-powered; be built to last; and be affordable. Sounds like a simple formula, right? Except that most of those criteria are somewhat opposite, and represent quite a challenging and contradictory wish list. For 18 years we have been working on this design model, tweaking and balancing these divergent requirements into a harmonious package. The past summer and fall we spent hundreds of hours, creating dozens of design iterations and new prototypes. We tested with pro riders, we tested with novices, and we tested with discerning customers who know the Retro. Itís tedious and time consuming to reconcile the all the feedback to the sailís geometry, but the hard work has paid off. Big. Time. The new Retro is lighter, both physically, and under load in your hands. The handling is balanced and forward to your course. The power band is rich but smooth to apply. The top end is rock-solid with predictable control. The build-quality and durability are sound and the sail prices are unchanged. In short, itís THE BEST Retro weíve ever made.
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 SAILWORKS REVOLUTION - The Revolution is our board riderís sail for onshore and bumpíníjump conditions. It features a smooth, limber power profile that is easily idled for aggressive board maneuvers and sail tricks. It has more pop and stability than the Gyro, so itís favored by heavier riders that want - or need - more juice in a wave sail The Revo has a silky smooth ride with a precise, forward pull and light, neutral balance - power-on loading and power-off control, on demand. Itís the perfect sail for pushing your repertoire of tricks, busting a down-the-line aerial or for just sweet, high wind riding.
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 SAILWORKS HUCKER - Power, acceleration and speed are at the core of windsurfingís attraction and are the primal hooks that got us windsurfing. This is Hucker windsurfing. Its go fast, turn hard, jump high, powered riding. It is air surfing the wind flow, with a board at your feet, locked and loaded. The design criteria focuses on power and stability at speed, with a particular emphasis on extended hang-time when airborne. Taller, heavier riders revel in the thick, juicy power-band that lets them run size-for-size with their lightweight buddies. Smaller, lighter rider will dig the power and range they can exploit while riding the smallest sail on the beach. Each size is uniquely badged with its own distinctive graphic. Hucker, thereís no sail like it on or off the water!
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 SAILWORKS NX - Racing is in our blood at Sailworks - itís actually the founding legacy of the company - and we love to get on the start line and put the pedal down. The NX is our competitive speed rig that feeds this need. Itís a purebred race sail with an active, race-winning legacy. The NX designs are our most sophisticated sails: they are cambered; they have higher rig tension; they deliver premium power, efficient windward penetration, and slippery top-end speed Ė all with precise feedback and rider control. They feature a deep, powerful, locked-in draft section down low and a reactive, free-twisting leech profile that delivers wicked acceleration and tight, top-end speed control. The NX is solid. Itís sleek. Itís about never being under-powered and always being in control. Itís precise. Itís reliable - and itís really, really FAST.
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 SAILWORKS RIPPER - State-of-the-art training sails for first time windsurfers and aspiring youth sailors. The Ripper is a scaled down rig with optimized low-load shaping and tension profiles suited for lightweight riders. Tested and proven in the largest windsurfing schools on the continent. Get your family and friends windsurfing today!
Click Here for Product Details! 2015 SAILWORKS MASTS - Some models and lengths may be available in stock but otherwise, they are available for special order - Please inquire and allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery - Sailworks has Joystick SDM and Lightstick SDM available, as well as NoLimitz Sumo RDM and Carbon Twill RDM -