Do You Have Some Used Gear You Would Like To Sell?
Send Me A Photo & Blog and I Will Post It For You, Buy it From You, or Trade it in. I can also add a link for people to email you directly if you wish. I need more used gear so I can put together some inexpensive packages for Beginners or limited budget enthusiasts. 

All The Used Boards are on the BOARDS IN STOCK page and the used sails are on the sails in stock page. There is also a chance i have other used equipment so if you need something special? Inquire. 

Click Here for Product Details! Most of the pictured pieces are sold but what is currently available is is - May 2018 I know there are only 2 pieces remaining now. - North 190 (measures 210cm) Carbon 40 bottom. - North 210 Carbon 40 bottom. - North 230 Carbon 20 Top. - Top with no markings that is 260cm long and is a bit loose fitting to the North bottoms. $40 each piece...

Click Here for Product Details! BIC MAST BASE - PIN STYLE - MECHANICAL JOINT - The Bottom Pin is a Bayonnette Mount Style - The Top Pin Fits BIC Mast Base Upper or Chinook Euro Pin Style Extensions.
Mast Base Neil Pryde 1Bolt Rubber Base With Stubby Extension $80.00
Click Here for Product Details! Mast Base Neil Pryde 1Bolt Rubber Base With Stubby Extension
Pad Mast Base Used $4.76
Click Here for Product Details! Older Mast Base Pads - Offers Accepted - Just looking for a new home for these.
Click Here for Product Details! Please send me an email with the items you are interested in at You can use the website to purchase if you like, I still have to enter the sale and information manually in the operating system anyway, but if it needs to be shipped then I will have to follow up with a shipping invoice as well again. Plus with the current exchange rate, many items will have a price adjustment applied as well as the shipping. Please use Interac e-transfer where possible. This item can be used to enter and pay for shipping or products discussed. If you do online banking, please use Interac e-transfer. Each unit is $1.00 and therefore just use the quantity as the total amount. So if shipping is $15.00 enter quantity 15.