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BOARD WINDSURFER BRAND 2020 - The WINDSURFER BRAND BOARD IS BACK - SEVERAL MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM - Prices are in USD$ - Will be bringing in samples soon unless someone orders one right away -

Windsurfer is back!The new Windsurfer LT is the new replacement to the original Windsurfer. This board is wider, lighter and higher volume than the original. It is much faster as well . The board is ideal for One Design racing all around cruising and entry level use . It also carries over well to SUP use. The Windsurfer LT keeps all of the fun of the original board but with many modern improvements like a full EVA deck and light stiff construction with a modern daggerboard and power box. The Windsurfer LT comes in 3 version to appeal to all longboard sailors.All three models have the same hull but have different accessories.
SUP version - This model has no daggerboard but comes with a plate with handle that fills the dagger well . A dagger board can be added later if so desired. This model is ideal for SUP, windsurfing and light wind wave riding.
School/club version - This model has a smaller daggerboard than the One design version. The dagger is fully retractable so the deck is clean and easy on the feet.This model is ideal for the sailor or anyone that likes to cruise in light wind. Change out the dagger and deck plate and you can be set for competitive one design racing.
One Design - The One Design is the class racing board and offers high performance light wind sailing . The new board is quick to plane and with its large daggerboard it is very fast even in light winds. Watch for new One design fleets forming around the world.
Part # Model Length Width Thickness Vol Weight (kg) Fin
60355 Windsurfer LT Race 365.9 73.9 13.8 229 15 30cm Powerbox + 85cm Daggerboard
60356 Windsurfer LT Freestyle 365.9 73.9 13.8 229 15 30cm Powerbox + 61cm Daggerboard
60357 Windsurfer LT SUP 365.9 73.9 13.8 229 15 30cm Powerbox + Carry Handle
90017 Windsurfer Boardbag

17016 Windsurfer LT Race w / 5.7 Rig
17017 Windsurfer LT Freestyle w / 5.7 Rig

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July 8, 2020
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