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Board Tahe Beach 225D
Board Tahe Beach 225D 2021 - TAHE Outdoors Beach 225D -Formerly BIC Beach 225D -

BEACH 225D - ref. 103646 - The Beach 225D has the most volume, making it especially ideal for heavier riders looking for a very stable board to learn on. It is fitted with a retractable dagger board and with carry handles at the front, side and rear, which help to carry the board in and out of the water and are very useful for handling it in the water during the learning sessions.

It is a very solid board, and with its particular volume and its EVA-foam pad covered deck, it is particularly apt for both sailing schools and windsurf-enthusiast families on their holidays.

297 cm 92 cm 41 LBS 225 L TOUGH-TEC

- SUP board mounted with a mast foot for SUP and windsurf sailing.
- Long and wide board: stable and fast in light wind.
- Large deck pad: non slip and comfortable.
- Retractable dagger board : upwind ability.
- TOUGH-TEC Technology : light and durable.

Learning to windsurf, for sailing in light winds, and for learning the basics of funboarding.

Complete beginners, and for clubs and schools. Great for leisure sailing and family groups.

Easy to learn boards that are tough, affordable, and that have very good glide.

Beginner level windsurf boards have made considerable progress as regards their stability, and that for some time now, but are nevertheless frequently a bit fragile for the kind of intensive use they get. Responding to the needs of windsurf clubs, BIC Windsurf is launching a brand new range called the «Beach».
It's the result of an innovative mix of technologies already to be found on BIC surf boards and kayaks. The outer skin of polyethylene is the same as that used on BIC Sport kayaks with their proven strength. The internal construction borrows from the BIC ACS surf board with its massive knock-resistance. The shapes have been developed with maximum stability for beginners in mind but are still very maneuverable to help learn some progression moves.

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January 27, 2021
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